Shark Week Bites Again

The 28th annual Shark Week event on Discovery Channel came to a conclusion this past weekend. This year featured a wealth of new marketing and promotional partners to give fans more ways to partake in the festiveness that has grown to surround the event. One of the biggest sponsors this year was 7-Eleven.

In conjunction with their year-long promotion celebrating fifty years of the Slurpee, they added Shark Week to the promotional calendar this summer. Complete with Shark Week cups, shark straws, and a special shark-themed jelly-filled donut, 7-Eleven let sharks infest nearly every aisle of the store. This is a great way to bring the excitement of a cultural phenomenon into retail as many fans have watch parties, drinking games, and are active on social media talking about Shark Week. This works especially well for convenience stores because tapping into something shoppers are excited about is a great way to inspire an impulse purchase or to keep them coming back more frequently.

How do you celebrate Shark Week?

Image Credit: 7-Eleven Twitter