Selfie Yourself to Authentification

Passwords. They’re a pain, so we use the same password for just about every online account we own. Meaning once someone uncovers your password, all of your accounts are vulnerable. But what if you didn’t need a password? What if you could selfie yourself to authentification? That’s what MasterCard is trying to do. At least from an online-purchase perspective.

What’s interesting is that MasterCard is seeking to leverage a common behavior of today’s modern tech-savvy individual, the selfie, as a new namefor what is traditionallyknown as facial recognition. More than likelythis is being done to increase it’s appeal, share-ability, and stickiness. It will be interesting to see if this sticks. And if so, how it affects the future of ecommerce.

Find out more and watch a video from MasterCardChief Product Security Officer HERE!

Image Source: shutterstock/cnnmoney