Scaring Up Some Fun for Halloween

October is here and everyone is grabbing their Pumpkin Spice Latte and getting excited for Fall and Halloween.

Just a few weeks away, Halloween continues to be big holiday for shoppers. According to the NRF, 157 million Halloween shoppers will spend $6.9 Billion this year. While candy, costumes and other treats are expected purchases, more and more shoppers are buying items for their Boo Baskets.

Boo Baskets are an integral part of a rising trend called Boo-ing (aka Boo’ing, leaving Boo Bags, Spooking the Neighbors, Ghosting the Neighbors, The Ghosting Game, and Halloween Hobgoblin).Much like other holiday rituals, Boo-ing is a fun activity the whole family can do (and retailers and brands can support as well!).

Boo-ing is asimple, fun act of neighborliness that teaches kids about giving and building community while also spreading the holiday spirit. You simply prepare a boo basket (filled with goodies and a “you’ve been booed” sign and/or poem), drop the boo basket on a doorstep and see the chain spread.

Boo-ing is another fun activity shoppers can do all month long that helps them build excitement for Halloween. Retailers and brands should be on the look out for rising trends like Boo-ing because they not only provide a new occasion but also present opportunity to build relationships with shoppers.