Safeway goes Hollywood

The Promo Magazine website recently featured a story about Safeway partnering with Warner Bros. to launch a kid friendly extension of their Eating Right product line. In a marketplace where many popular kids brands are having to turn away from licensed characters for their “not-so healthy” products, Safeway is taking advantage and moving aggressively with their private label brands. This isn’t their first step in redefining private label Safeway to Market Private Label Brand to Other Supermarkets).

According to the article, “More than 1,700 Safeway locations in the U.S. will carry the line, which includes Toasted Os cereal, frozen meals, such as chicken enchiladas, and beverages.” By adding popular licensed characters to their Eating Right line, how long will it be before kids have an affinity for healthy private label products over long established kids brands, because they feature Bugs, Taz or Marvin the Martian.