Rise of the Home Factory

During the CES and the Retail Big Show earlier this year, a new trend emerged: home-based production. Drafting off of the DIY trend, many startups and companies have conceived products and machines that allow people to skip the store and produce a range of things in their very own home. 

This new way of producing is affecting shopping behavior in both the beauty and the food industry, among others. For example, LG debuted an individual home beer factory that allows consumers to brew their beer at home thanks to LG’s beer caps. In another industry, the startup Emuage allows consumers to create and produce their own cosmetics. 

Unlike some new technologies, such as voice assistant for example, the home factory trend is not perceived as intrusive and rather empowers people to have a larger role in their own shopping. There could be great success for brands or startups that decides to invest in home factory because it resonates with many societal and shopper trends including: sustainability, conscious consumption, experience as value, DIY, and more… So, let’s start home production! 

Contributed By: Jeanne Le Barbenchon, Strategic Planner, Integer Paris

Image Source: Pexels