Riot Inducing Sales

In a world with so much choice and little brand allegiance there also seems to be more and more stunts as brands compete for the love of consumers. In just the past few months we’ve seen Oktoberfest shoes by Adidas, Thanksgiving pants by Stove Top, and a Super Bowl fanny pack by Heluva Good Dip just in time for the big game.

But sometimes the most basic stunt of all can have the most impact–a sale. Intermarché’s recent price slashing of Nutella was so dramatic (at 70% off) that it caused massive lines and riots in store. Hundreds of people lined up to get their hands on some Nutella and word spread across the globe as the frenzy exploded.

Brand love can come across in innumerable ways and you never know what consumers will react to. Sometimes it’s best not to overthink it and just give the people a great sale.

Contributed By: Kira Walstrom, Integer Denver

Image Source: Unsplash