Rethinking Point-Of-Purchase: A New Integer Pulse

Our most recent Complex Shopper report, Integer’s proprietary study on considered purchase shopping behavior, revealed traditional and even digital POP is still helpful for over 90% of shoppers—with product demos the most popular of all. And, that interaction with the Sales Associate was even more influential than ratings and reviews (which shoppers state they initially trust more). Despite this, the majority of complex category shoppers are not being engaged with sales tools when shopping. In other words, even though the P.O.P. is getting up, it’s not getting used in the sale. This tells us it’s time to look at how point-of-purchase activation has evolved.

Click here to read more about this month’s issue of The Integer Pulse including:

  1. How one powerful demonstration at POP can change the game
  2. How to transform routine transactions into positive interactions