Retailers Open their Doors for National Mom’s Nite Out

Mother’s Day is traditionally about celebrating our moms by shopping for that special gift or looking for a unique way to say thank you. The catch is that moms are often among these shoppers too. With a constant increase in chores and work, moms are hard-pressed to find time for rest and relaxation, even on their own holiday. According to Mediapost, 85% of mothers say they spend multiple hours on Mother’s Day saluting other moms in their lives, instead of just enjoying the day. Therefore, five years ago, to give moms a true break, National Mom’s Nite Out was created. An annual celebration of motherhood, Mom’s Nite Out aims to unite and delight moms across the country with local (and online) events and activities.

Retailers and brands are tapping in to this movement and creating programs that aim to give moms a break as well as a treat. For example, Zales® is opening stores in select locations, inviting moms to make their own PersonaTM bead bracelet on Mom’s Nite Out. This event encourages shopper involvement with the store and incorporates personalization and self-expression, a trend more shoppers are taking into consideration when choosing items to buy. Freschetta’s®Rally for Real Moms campaign dishes out a solution of offering less work on Mother’s Day. In addition to offering a dollar-off coupon for Freschetta®Pizzas, the brand is also partnering with Safeway and Kroger to offer a discount on the traditional Mother’s Day gift of flowers when shoppers purchase a Freschetta®Pizza.

We can see how consumer insights are being successfully leveraged for holidays such as Mother’s Day. But, ultimately, retailers and brands are increasingly using consumer insights to connect all year round. By becoming more relevant to shoppers’ lives, retailers can drive traffic and provide meaningful engagement opportunities rather than act as a fulfillment center for items on the weekly shopping list.

Contributed by Jillian Kyle, Integer Denver Planner