Retailers in Space

If we’re all going to be traveling to space soon, then certainly we’re going to be buying things in space. This beautiful illustration of a futuristicvacation trip to various planets got me thinking about shopping in space and retailers in space. We all know how much travelers love to shop on vacation.

Who will be the first? With the strides being made by potential commercial space travel, are any retailersalready preparing?

To answer these questions, I began an extensive search online. A little surprisingly, I came up empty. The closest I came was finding out that Lowe’s recently launched a 3D printer to the International Space Station for their use. I thought perhaps that Coke or Pepsi may have paid to get a vending machine on a NASA space shuttle or a SpaceX mission. Nope, the only thing I discovered was that eBay is selling old little space toys that once were housed in a vending machine.

Who will be the first retailer in space? Are any talking to SpaceX, or Orbital ATK? If I owned my own store…