Retail Realities Sometimes Fail

While the Fail Blog isn’t what many may call credible research, it does point out some very interesting and often sad truths about human behavior. Its a glimpse into the everyday reality of how things fall through the cracks, or sometimes worse.

It was funny to see retail make it onto this extensive list of the world’s Fails. The reality highlighted here makes me think of that old saying about “the best laid plans of mice and men”. While our jobs are to create strategic in-store approaches and creative shopper solutions for some of the world’s best brands, the reality of the retail industry is sometimes sobering…that reality is a little thing called compliance.

As an industry, the challenge we constantly face is how to balance the infinite creative opportunities to reach shoppers with the executional realities of the in-store environment. We believe we can’t let it stifle us, drag us down into “playing it safe” all the time, but we also must maintain a certain integrity about the work we produce and how to ensure it gets executed. Its a great challenge everyday… how do you tackle it?