Recycle this!

Sustainable. Green. Recycled. Environmentally Friendly. It’s the new bandwagon that all marketers are jumping on. But what can we do that’s real; something that does more than just regurgitate the same message that’s been swirling around and used by brands for the past few years?

A company like Integer can start with what we actually produce. We are in a unique position as a retail marketing agency to affect real change on millions of displays and in-store tools by rethinking the way we print and produce our work. Some ideas to start with:

• Use post-consumer recycled materials for displays
• Use soy or water-based vegetable inks
• Minimize ink coverage
• Avoid additives to the paper like bleach, coatings or minerals

• Minimize waste by avoiding extra components, such as fillers
• Avoid die-cuts to reduce waste disposal on machine

And if you think that this is an impossible feat, take a look at some brands that are already there:

Method Packaging is made from 50% bamboo andamp; 50% recycled paper.

This Eco display is 100% recyclable and uses minimal ink.

So, let’s not only think about what we’re saying but also about what we’re doing to be “green.”

– Contributed by Katherine Sullivan and Elizabeth Callies