Receipt Love

In an earlier Shopper Culture post, The Receipt: A Last(ing) Impression, the question was posed, “When is the last time your receipt surprised you? Intrigued you? Helped you? Delighted you?”

For me, it was a wonderful experience I had the other week at a friend’s going-away party. It was at a neighborhood bar where bike racks protected locked bikes outside and patio lights warmed the atmosphere as the sun set and the smiles came out.

When the time came to close out my tab, the bartender quickly produced a receipt and returned my card. I noticed a line I’d never seen before on a receipt. The tip line read: “A little love…”

Not only did this positively disrupt my thought process, but it sort of solidified my emotional connection to the evening and to the bar. I’d had a great time! Why not share that love with others? And so I left a bigger tip than I might have if these three little words had not been printed as a reminder of the waitstaff and my experience.

Everyone says “It’s the little things.” And it further drives home the point that the lowly receipt is such a missed opportunity to make a lasting impression.

If something so simple can have such a positive impact on a customer’s experience, then why do so many merchants fail to take advantage of it?

I’m curious to see what other customized receipts you have seen that have intrigued you, helped you, or delighted you.

-Contributed by Erin Middleton