Reaching Shoppers While Shopping

According to Integer’s Behavioral Economics report, 80% of shoppers’ time in store is spent navigating the store, not considering or buying items. And according to POPAI 2012 Engagement Study, 76% of decisions are made in-store. Thirteen percent of shoppers enter the store without a list and over 70% of shoppers make impulse purchases. The 2014 American Pantry Surveys notes that 60% of consumers say sale prices are the #1 driver for at-the-shelf impulse purchases. So why do shoppers allocate so little time to product consideration and so much to store navigation? What is causing this time delay and frustration? How do you break through the noise? What if you used images and infographics as communication tactics? Studies show that people are spending less time in the aisles focused on products so communication should be quick and easy to process.