Reach out and touch someone…in a bar.

That’s exactly what high-end retailer Hyde Park Jewelers is hoping people are doing. They want to communicate with potential customers when and where they are “in the mood for love.” So, they created a “ring-sizer” coaster that has shown up in bars around Denver, making it easy for the lovestruck to consider Hyde Park when they are meeting the woman or man of their dreams for a drink.

And to make sure that popping the question is that perfect moment, Hyde Park created, a website that focuses on ways to make the proposal unforgettable. With content that focuses on items like setting the mood, and proposal do and don’ts, Hyde Park helps out the soon-to-be-married in a fun and lighthearted way.

Interesting and engaging is a perfect way for high-end retailer like Hyde Park to disrupt normal behavior and interact with potential
consumers in a new environment and with a new medium. And when matched with the great messaging strategy surrounding , both end up feeding the consumers desire to have this time in their life (engagement) be the biggest and best it can be.

It’s ideas like these— ones that benefit both the consumer and the retailer—that create the “perfect moment” for everyone.

– Contributed by Keri Abbot