Raising Our Image-Consciousness

Visual communication is becoming a larger and larger part of our cultural vocabulary. In fact, there are some indicators that visual communication is eclipsing the written word. Instagram rises as Twitter declines. A surprisingly comprehensive range of emotions, reactions and assertions can be expressed through custom avatars with Bitmoji. And in November, the Oxford English Dictionary declared the word of the year was an emojii.

While marketers have been practicing the art of visual communication since the dawn of advertising, the difference is that now shoppers are fluent in this language as well. So as we mine for insight and solicit feedback, we should take advantage of visual fluency. Trolling Instagram and Pinterest to understand what’s on our audience’s minds. Using image-based research techniques to get at underlying feelings and emotions. Listening with our eyes can be a way to learn new things about what people want and need.

Photosource: author’s Bitmoji