QSR New Product Launch Building Up Super Bowl Suspense

As Super Bowl fans grow increasingly excited and anxious to see how their favorite team will fair in the 50th annual Super Bowl celebration, they’re also anxiously awaiting the various mega-brand ads that will garner as much social chatter as the game itself. Many brands use the Super Bowl hype for new product or campaign launches, and this year is no different.

Taco Bell announced in January that they’d reveal their next “mystery mash up item”during their 2016 Super Bowl ad, and For Taco Bell lovers, the suspense has been growing, and just this week Taco Bell announced that people will be able to pre-order and enjoy the new product the day before the Super Bowl, which is two days before the official launch date. The pre-release will most likely create a title wave of social chatter and many opinions on whether or not the product was worth the hype and wait.

This begs the question on whether or not it is wise to build this much anticipation and mystery around a product launch. If the product is a delicious and unique new mash up that the world has never seen, it could be a highly successful marketing move. However, if the product fails to meet consumer expectations… well, let’s be honest, consumers aren’t kind. They’re straightforward and downright brutal sometimes. But we commend Taco Bell for going big because after all… it is the Super Bowl.

Tune in this Super Bowl Sunday to see what happens.

Image Sources: YouTube.com; tacobell.com/preorder

Article Source: The Orange County Register, 2016.