PYOP – Print Your Own Prize

I was reading an article on Mashable today discussing 3D printing, which has been gaining more and more recognition for potential mass marketability recently. The article explained how the technology allows you to turn your childrens’ drawings into three dimensional creatures. As a planner in the promotional space, this got me thinking about how this technology could become a game-changer for our industry.

Imagine if we could take the “prize out of the box”. The crux of many promotions are often some tanglible piece of tchotch that shoppers can find in pack, or more often than not, send away for. What happens when we can have shoppers print their own on their 3D printer based on downloadable designs. We could allow more customization as well as variety to create stronger engagement. Especially when it comes to kids promotions, this would allow parents to constantly refresh a promotion for their children.

How do you think 3D printing will effect your industry?

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