Publix and Wegman’s are Customer Service Champs

An informed, happy staff and the right product on the shelf prove to be the keys to great customer service. Both Publix and Wegmans made Businessweek’s Customer Service Champs 2010.

Publix was highlighted for their new inventory management system which improved “out-of-stocks” by 19% in 2009. Further Businessweek recognized Pubilx’s employee grant program paying out workers from the company’s privately held stock. According to thearticle, “the average amount awarded in 2009 was $2,326.”

Wegman’s was praised for their positive employee treatment, namely their tuition scholarships given out to nearly 1,500 employees. Also, Businessweek emphasized Wegman’s 13% increase in their training budgets in 2009, a time when most companies were cutting back.

At a time when many retailers were focusing on price, its nice to see retailers recognized for a continued focus on staff and the shopping experience.