Products Tease New Products

Purex fabric softeners uses its own product to pre-launch a new product.

In the detergent aisle at King Soopers, I found an interesting neck-hanger. I did a double take because the communication on Purex fabric softener announced the arrival of a new product.”Coming Soon! Introducing the all in one laundry solution.” It’s for Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets.

I haven’t seen this idea done, at least not in-store.There are two interesting things about this.

  1. The communication uses a shopper’s current purchase journey to announce a new product in the aisle where the shopper is considering and finding the detergent she wants.
  2. The communication idea is borrowed from coming movie attractions, COMING SOON. The product isn’t even in-store, yet it builds some excitement and anticipation to go looking for it in the detergent aisle the next time she needs to stock up.

Great idea. I even went to the Web site. It was simple., the main brand’s home page, not a 3-in-1 or some other microsite, but the brand’s home page. There were several great things about the Web site too.

  1. This launch/prelaunch is front and center on the home page. There’s no missing it.
  2. It provides a great online product demonstration.
  3. It offers easy navigation, product information, lots of ways to learn more, and easy buttons to find a store.

Nice job Purex; especially using a shopper’s current buying/decision-making behaviors to talk about new products. What are other products that tease other new product launches?