Priceless Picks from MasterCard Guide You Through Your World

With more and more consumers upgrading to smartphones, Mastercard looks to change the way consumers view m-commerce with their new iPhone application ‘Priceless Picks’. The Priceless Picks application lets you not only share your favorite places and those sensational deals you find with others, but also provides visibility to all the great things around you that others have tagged through utilization of your phones GPS technology. They bucket picks into 5 main categories: Priceless, Dining, Shopping, Entertainment and Other. In addition, the application offers a filter feature which lets you take customization a step further to ensure the content you are receiving is relevant to what you are looking for.

MasterCard Priceless Picks iPhone app from Kelly McCormick on Vimeo.

So this begs the question. How and when will retailers utilize this tool to engage their consumers?

Contributed by Michael Glunk