Price Conscious Shoppers Still Celebrate With Their Loved Ones

Today is a day meant to celebrate loved ones – not only
significant others, but all those in our life who we hold dear to us. I still
enjoy making homemade cut-out heart cards for my family and friends and, according
to the National
Retail Federation Valentine’s Day Spending Survey
, 61 percent of shoppers
are also planning to celebrate the day through time spent together with their
loved ones and gifts this Valentine’s Day. This year, shoppers will spend
approximately $130.97 on Valentine’s Day, which is slightly more than last year.

But while shoppers are spending a tad more on gifts for
significant others, friends, family, and pets, they are still keeping close
tabs on their wallets. Price and value are on consumers’ minds as they search
for last-minute promotions this Valentine’s Day, with 39.6 percent of shoppers
shopping at discount stores, according to CBS
. The biggest selling items this year, according to National Retail
Federation, are traditional Valentine’s Day gifts including candy, flowers, and
jewelry. Although 51 percent of gift givers will give candy and only 19.6
percent will give jewelry, this still stacks up to more than $4.4 billion spent
on diamonds for the holiday.

As shoppers are searching to find the best gift at the best
price, they are focusing on spending a little more time to compare products and
prices across retailers as well as across devices. The National Retail Federation
Survey states that 41 percent of smartphone owners plan to use their mobile
devices to shop for gifts, while 47 percent of tablet owners will purchase and
research gifts with their tablets.

While shoppers are searching and making careful decisions on
how to spend their dollars this year, those buying are also looking forward to
simply celebrating with their loved ones. What are your plans for Valentine’s
Day 2013?