Pragmatic Solutions in a Time of Crisis

Following the lock-down news last week in France, retail grocer Monoprix launched a free home delivery service for the elderly accessible via phone. The retailer created a special toll-free number for a population generally less equipped with Internet services and offered three possible baskets – a €30 one with regular grocery, hygiene and cleaning items, a €40 one with 100% organic products, and a €45 one with products from their own ‘Gourmet range”.

As we are going through an unprecedented crisis, the initiatives that stand out are the smallest and most pragmatic ones that are able to respond faster and in a targeted way to tangible issues. In this instance, simply feeding the most vulnerable people of our community. This kind of initiative shows how brands/retailers can be providing public utility service that can make a difference for many customers during the storm, while starting to seed a new relationship that may last well beyond confinement.

Contributed By: Genevieve Dreyfus, Integer London

Image Source: Unsplash