Plastic-Free Aisles—Coming to a Store Near You?

Several brands are already committing to reducing plastic waste. For example, brands such as Coca-Cola and Evian have promised to ensure their products are made from recycled plastic and are recyclable. Retailers are now expected to catch up.

U.K. retailers are responsible for creating more than 800,000 tons of plastic waste per year and are a major source of pollution. To that end, a Budgens store in north London recently became the first U.K. retailer to introduce a plastic-free aisle, offering shoppers more than 1,700 products without plastic packaging. While other retailers like Tesco and Iceland have committed to reducing plastic packaging by 2025, Budgens managed to introduce its plastic-free zone in just 10 weeks.

As more retailers focus on offering plastic-free goods, more brands will have to get on board by committing to sustainable, plastic-free packaging to keep shelf space at retail.

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Contributed By: Lukas Quittan, Integer London