Personalized Food Shopping Goes to New Heights

Food is an inherently personal thing. Everyone has their favorite dishes, flavors, and values about what’s the right thing to eat. But today’s shoppers are hungry for more expert and tech based and personalized solutions than ever, which is opening the door for more engaging shopper solutions for brands.

For example:

Nestlé has announced it will roll out a new product that builds and sells personalized nutrition plans, starting in Japan. The kit will allow people to collect their DNA at home as well as take pictures of their diet via an app. Nestle then uses this information to provide changes in diet, send personalized supplements, or recommend variety of food from their portfolio.

Pinto, a recently launched app, gives shoppers the ability to scan products and see if they fit their diet or medical condition before they even buy them.

Care/of sends its shoppers not only sends personalized vitamin packs gut also tracks their progress and gives rewards when users take them daily.

Technology has opened the door to allow for individual experiences in all respects, even food. And food manufacturers have a wide-open playing field to create experiences that help shoppers select their foods but perhaps food that is one of a kind and truly personalized to their shoppers.

Contributed By: Charlie Temple, Integer London

Image Source: Unsplash