Budget-conscious consumers are still controlling the game, leaving retailers and manufacturers to sit on the sidelines anxiously awaiting the next play. However, as the economy levels off somewhat, what will it take to get shoppers comfortable enough to start spending again? A little bit of free love.

While marketers may be struggling to make do with less budget, there is still the opportunity to tap into PERKONOMICS* to show you understand that it’s not ONLY price your audiences care about. There are ways to reward and, yes, even incent, someone to shop for your product or service with things that go beyond… things. After all, giving is the new ultimate benefit. And a “giving” brand needs to give to consumers, to employees, to the environment and to social causes (not necessarily all at once).

Detailed are a few examples that demonstrate how you can show you care not only for your individual consumer, but for the greater good as well. Click here to read more on the latest edition of Integer Pulse from our Midwest office.