Part 3: International Retailer Reactions

As the pandemic evolves we continue to track how commerce around the globe changes. This week we are observing how retailers are getting creative as restaurants continue to stay closed and retailers start to create queues to mange crowds. (And in case you missed it, explore what happened in Part 1 and Part 2.)

Connecting in the Queue:

The French grocery retailer Monoprix has launched a new magazine, “Breves de Monoprix,” to be distributed while people are queuing outside to get their grocery shopping done. Presented like a simple double-sided A4, it tells funny anecdotes about some of the stores, shares seasonal recipes with products they can find inside, as well as interviews with Monoprix staff.  While this new service was designed as a way to make the shopping mission more pleasant during the harsh realities of social distancing and lockdown, the retailer aims to make this a permanent offering.

Wholesale Home Delivery

Sysco, a leading wholesale foodservice supplier has launched a new business model targeting at home consumers in Canada. As their regular customers, foodservice operators and restaurants, continue to struggle through the pandemic, they have found themselves forced into look to new markets. The business is called Sysco@Home, and customers can order bulk groceries for home delivery or collection.

As the shopping experience is being harmed by the restrictions imposed by lockdown, retailers (and suppliers) have to re-invent themselves, finding new ways to keep business going. For shoppers this means that competition for their attention continues to grow as businesses from all levels vie for their attention. Shoppers will end up being the winners in this scenario as they have more variety, choice and value offerings to choose from. But will it be sustainable for retailers and suppliers?

Contributed By: Michael Krog and Laurence Poichot, Insight & Strategy, Integer London

Image Source: Unsplash