Papa John’s Offers A Convenience Upcharge

Shoppers have been known to make trade-offs in certain categories, retailers, and price points based on a wide range of variables impacting their purchase decision. One area they are sacrificing the best price is for greater convenience. This behavior has led to the proliferation of on-demand services in transportation, food and beverage, and even apparel. Shoppers are open to paying a little more for the convenience of having to literally do less (like pre-prepared meal kits they can cook at home). Now, Papa John’s is getting in the game.

Recently they announced a minimal fee of $2.99 that will allow customers to literally cut the line. This “Papa Priority” fee can be added to an order by customers that want their pizza faster. However, Papa John’s says that while this fee guarantees your pizza will be made faster, it does not automatically guarantee that the pizza will be delivered faster. Even so, sometimes it’s just enough for a shopper to feel like they have done something to speed up the arrival of their dinner.