PandG going back to its roots…Kind of

A recent NY Times articled feature P&G’s latest branded entertainment efforts with Crescent Heights and Tide. Living solely online, the show will consist of 3 minute episodes about a recent college graduate, Ashley, who moves to Los Angeles from Wisconsin to start a career in public relations, and her emerging circle of friends and romantic interests. While product will be integrated to a degree, the larger connection as P&G sees it is with people and their clothes.

“We want to speak to people about more than just laundry,” said Kevin Crociata, Tide’s associate marketing director. “We provide benefits to the fabrics she wears on daily basis. They have much more meaning.”

Tide media (TV spots, print ads, etc…) will be tagged with a drive to the online property. While many branded online TV efforts have failed of late, ie Bud TV, it will be interesting to see if P&G can reconnect with its Soap Opera roots in a new way with new consumers.