Omnicom Retail Group: 10 Thoughts on Changes to Behaviors, Communities and Connections

It is an understatement to say that things have changed in the past weeks with the spread of COVID-19. There is an abundance of change every day and an abundance of analysis out there about what this means for consumers and commerce today and speculation for what it means for the future.

The Omnicom Retail Group has created a white paper perspective, COVID-19 Impact, The Known Unknowns: 10 Thoughts on Changes to Behaviors, Communities and Connections.

The piece starts with a baseline reality: 10 things we know with certainty at this point. A non-exhaustive but comprehensive list of shopper reality as it stands in the midst of COVID-19’s growing outbreak – the “Great Big Knowns” of COVID-19 commercial life. From there, it looks at 10 “known unknowns” – a business problem or opportunity that presents itself as a result of the thing we know to be true today.

Click here to download the piece.