OMG GMOs: Campbell’s and the GMO Label

While many major food companies are reinventing their supply chains to omit GMOs, Campbell’s has decided to take a different approach. In a convention-breaking move, it will become first major food company to voluntarily label its food as containing GMOs.

There’s no scientific proof that GMOs are a health risk. Yet, despite this, consumers are hungry to know if GMOs are present in their foods.In fact, according to Nielsen, 43% of consumers say that non-GMO labeling is the most important factor when making purchase decisions.

More than ever, credentials like non-GMO, serve as the gatekeepers to consumers’ shopping carts, making this move by Campbell’s seem risky. However, from a branding perspective, the company’s move to become more transparent about the contents of its food is laudable. In a landscape where credentials mean everything, can transparency outweigh claims at the point of purchase?

Photo Source: Organic Authority