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Oh, And Buy The Way…

Friday, April 19th, 2013

Yesterday after work I accidentally wandered into a boutique fashion store, Lavish & Squalor, in Toronto.Without any prior knowledge or anticipation (I did not pay attention to any signs outside), I was surprised when I walked upstairs to discover a cafe. Yes, a cafe in the middle of a fashion store, with bar seating and a few tables with black tablecloths. On the way out, I checked their signage. Subtle, but clear: espresso bar upstairs.

Pretty cool. And then I started thinking about the kind of shopper are they trying to lure in. Do they want shoppers who will later tell their friends “I stopped by for a coffee, oh and by the way I got this $300 blazer, too”? Is it for the companions of actual shoppers? Either way, it was a pleasant surprise, a very comfy environment, and I might go back soon. Maybe just to chat with the bar staff, but I might happen to buy something along the way. Just “buy the way!”

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