Office Supply Stores Get an A+ for Fun for Back-to-School Shopping

What drives a shopper’s decision regarding where they will conduct the majority of their Back-to-School shopping? Looking at the three channels that rise to the top where the majority of school-related products are purchased (Office Supply, Mass/Discount, and Grocery), it’s no surprise that there are three distinct drivers behind those predictions. Thirty percent of shoppers gave Grocery an A+ on “saves me time shopping;” 34 percent gave Mass/Discount stores an A+ in “gives me the lowest prices;” and Office Supply wins in “makes Back-to-School shopping the most fun,” with 14 percent of shoppers giving the channel an A+ in this area. While many retailers and brands spend time focusing on the more practical aspects of the value equation (time, price, and quality), is there opportunity to focus on experience as a point of differentiation?

What is it about the Office Supply channel that allows retailers to win in the “fun arena”? Is it the products—markers and fun-colored pads? Or has this channel created a unique in-store shopping experience that is entertaining for shoppers? Whatever the reason, Office Supply retailers seem to have figured out a way to differentiate themselves via a unique value proposition.

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