October Kicks off the Crafty Season

Today’s consumers are crafty and eager to find new crafts to try and new sources of inspiration, even from brands and retailers.While there are crafting opportunities throughout the year, October seems to be the time when Google searches begin to surge for holiday crafts and people get back in the DIY spirit.

Many shoppers partake in typical October crafts. According to Prosper’s Halloween survey,

47% of adult shoppers plan to decorate their home or yard, 46% plan to dress in costume and 44% plan to carve a pumpkin. All this crafting leaves shoppers needing not only the supplies to craft but also the food and beverages to help them through it. No pumpkin carving party is complete without snacks or a clever Halloween punch. These crafts give way to rituals that brands and retailers can be part of.

And the crafting doesn’t stop there. Crafting search spikes in November, a key selling period for many retailers. As shoppers get crafty during this time of year brands and retailers should look for ways to support the ritual and inspire a new one.

Have you seen any brands or retailers offering crafting advice?