Nowstalgia Just in Time for the Holidays

Argos released its campaign “Book of Dreams” for Christmas and put its paper catalogue at the front-and-center of it for the first time in decades.

The UK retailer not only featured its catalogue, but also created a digital archive of vintage Argos catalogues, reviving the good old excitement of getting your hands on the glossy Christmas catalogue when you were a kid. The site had 1.8 million visits in the first 48 hours and has now had more than nine million views.

This is one example that today’s shoppers value inspiration and comfort from the past and that brands can occupy a special place in culture—reviving some good old memories or helping maintain them.

Recently we saw the French grocery retailer Intermarché reviving vintage packaging to celebrate its 50th birthday. And last week, Netflix announced it acquired a lease to turn New York City’s iconic Paris theatre into a central brand hub for events, screenings and theatrical releases of its content. You know, so you could watch movies the “old fashioned” way.

Tapping into nostalgia in ownable ways is a great way for brands to engage with shoppers and provide a tangible, almost comforting, reason to purchase.

Image Source: Unsplash

Contributed By: Marta Formenton, Account Manager, Integer London