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New Tools Help E-Retailers Compete With Amazon

Friday, August 11th, 2017

When was the last time you returned something you purchased online? What was that experience like? Are there online retailers you’d never buy from again because of a poor returns experience?

Consumers have high expectations for online shopping in a world where Amazon and few others have created seamless research, purchase and return process. In order to help small and medium-sized online retailers compete with retail giants like Amazon, UPS has announced the release of UPS Returns Manager. This tool allows online retailers to customize their own shipment rules, and manage return shipments without having to integrate their own IT systems.

This should help UPS generate partnership opportunities with small and medium-sized e-retailers, and helps these retailers cut costs, track frequently returned products, and increase sales by creating a more frictionless customer experience online.

Shoppers buy online because they crave end-to-end convenience, and will give their business to those who provide the best experience. For online retailers competing with giants like Amazon, this is just one example of a game-changing resource coming to fruition that helps level the playing field.

Contributed By: Lauren Anderson, Integer Midwest


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