NEW STUDY: How Social Media Impacts Grocery Shopping

Now available for download: Part 8 of the white paper series by CCRRC North America and The Integer Group, titled Untangling theSocial Web: A Look at Today and a Vision for 2020.

This part of the series is based on a significant quantitative study from over 3,000 grocery shoppers along with expert interviews from practitioners in leading U.S. grocery retailers. This study builds on the research conducted in the first seven parts of the series.

In Part 8, wetake a deeper look at the impact of the social web specifically on grocery shopping, including a deep look at current shopper habits and practices.For example, did you know that approximately a third of shoppers are already using the social web to help them grocery shop? And they are using it for more than just coupon hunting.

In addition, the paper also examines what this world might look like in 2020 and the roadblocks that exist between then and now.

You can download all of the reports from the CCRRC site here, or Part 8 directly from ShopperCulture here. Please reference Parts 1-7 that outline the allure of the social web, its impact on shoppers overall and tips on how to development your own social web strategy.