New Study: Checkout China–Uncovering Complexities of Shoppers in China

Chinese consumer confidence has decreased over the years yet prices continue to increase, because of this reality, marketers have to work harder to get a share of an increasingly smaller basket size. Gaining a better knowledge about the way people shop is more crucial than ever if brands and retailers want to exceed. This new study uncovers the complexities of Chinese shoppers by using a range of variables including spending habits, shopping attitudes and the key drivers behind purchases. With this, four different shopper archetypes were identified: the ‘Experience Lover’ who loves shopping and looks for unique experience; the ‘Precision Planner’, who is detail-oriented and willing to spend on high quality; the ‘Time Saver’ who sees shopping as a mission and focuses on efficiency; and the ‘Strategic Spender’ who validates the price and value from comparison and wants to get the best deal.

Download the study to learn more about what motivates these different types of shoppers.