New Report: Untangling the Social Web Part 4, The Value of Social Networking for Brands and Retailers

Now that Parts 1 – 3 of Untangling the Social Web have laid the critical foundation of understanding the social landscape and its different types of users, we begin to outline the value of brand engagement in Part 4. While brands and retailers alike have begun to participate in social web, there isn’t a long tradition in this space as there are in other media channels, which means that rules and guides are still being formulated and broken everyday. This is a very exciting time, but also an intimidating time.

In this section we seek to remove some of the intimidation by identifying the benefits for the user/shopper, retailer and brand at various levels of engagement. Brands and retailers may opt to listen, connect, participate or create within the social web. The benefits, implications and considerations at each level are articulated using current examples from the marketplace.

Click here to download Part 4 of the 5 part series entitled The Value of Social Networking for Brands and Retailers.And if you have not already, download Part 1: Assessing the Social Networking Landscape, Part 2: Identifying the Allure of Social Networking: Traits, Behaviors and Motivators, and Part 3: Social Networking Personas: A Look at Consumer and Shopper Mind-Sets of the series by clicking here.