New Report: Untangling the Social Web Part 2, Identifying the Allure of Social Networking: Traits, Behaviors and Motivators

Social networking has surpassed email as the top online activity and it has fundamentally changed how we create community and with whom we connect. Through the social web, individuals can have direct connection to not only their family and friends but also favorite retailers and brands. Businesses are able to observe and engage with the public and offer real-time promotional perks and discounts – the number one driver for social networkers to engage with a business in the social web.

This is the world we live in today, but why is social networking so addictive? And what motivates us to spend so much time social networking? Simply put, it stems from fundamental human nature and a desire to connect. Part 2 of the 5 part series conducted by The Integer Group and CCRRC of North America entitled Untangling the Social Web outlines human psychological principles, intrinsic motivators and online behavior that explain why we act the way we do both online and offline.

Part 2 (Identifying the Allure of Social Networking: Traits, Behaviors and Motivators) is available for download TODAY. Click here to download Part 2 of the series and past releases including Part 1 (Assessing the Social Networking Landscape).

Stay tuned for Parts 3-5 of Untangling the Social Web, which dig deeper into social networking shopping dynamics, the value for businesses and professional social networking.