NEW REPORT RELEASE: Untangling the Social Web Part 3, Social Networking Personas: A Look at Consumer and Shopper Mind-Sets

Everyone has that friend on Facebook that publicizes and plans their personal life via comments, fills the newsfeed with news articles, or continuously posts abstract Instagram pictures of their daily routine. Facebook is the tie that binds, but it is apparent that what motivates our interactions and behaviors on the social web are not universal. On the contrary, there are four distinct social networking personas.

Part 3of the study Untangling the Social Web by the North America CCRRC and Integer Group explains the dynamics, motivators and behaviors of these four social networking personas as both consumers and shoppers. The study outlines each persona’s use of social networking, its role throughout the Shopper Continuum®, including what types of brands they ‘like’ and follow and what that means for retailers and brands today.

Click here to download Part 3 of the 5 part series entitled Social Networking Personas: A Look at Consumer and Shopper Mind-Sets.And if you have not already, download Part 1: Assessing the Social Networking Landscape and Part 2:Identifying the Allure of Social Networking: Traits, Behaviors Motivators of the series by clicking here.