NEW REPORT: How-To Develop Social Strategy

Brands and retailers have embraced the social web finding incredible value in its ability to connect with shoppers, evolve a brand and even hire new talent. But the rapid pace of its growth has left many brands and retailers struggling to find a clear and strategic path forward.

Therefore, the North America Coca-ColaRetailing Research Council (CCRRC) partnered with The Integer Group(R) to provide two additional parts to the series Untangling the Social Web: Insights for Users, Brands and Retailers. Last year’s releases (Parts 1–5) provided foundational knowledge to decode the complexities of the social web, including why it’s so alluring, its role in the shopping process and its value to brands.

This year, Parts 6 and 7 of Untangling the Social Web dig in to the nuts and bolts on how to develop social strategy and effectively engage in the space. Written in a “how-to guide” fashion, Part 6 and 7 use expert input, industry examples, and hands-on exercises

to provide step-by-step guidance for developing strategy and engaging in the social web. Part 6 focuses on external strategy and the nuances of using the social web for branding/marketing while Part 7 addresses how to build internal strategies for social recruiting and training.

Download Part 6 and Part 7 here as well as the Part 6 & 7 Executive Summary.