New Issue of the Checkout–Sponsorship and Promotion

In this issue of The Checkout, we revisit sponsorships and promotions, a topic we first began tracking in 2011. We’ve seen the role of sponsorships and promotions ebb and flow with. the economic conditions. As you might imagine, the COVID-19 pandemic has had its own unique impact, between the acceleration of contactless and flexible payment options and the domination of digital commerce. Now as the world reopens, branded sponsorships and promotional offers will arguably play a notable role in the reshaping of “new normal.”

In our ten years of data exploration, we’ve witnessed the greatest changes in how and why shoppers engage with certain sponsorships or promotions. In our latest study and report, we take a deeper dive into this phenomena. Specifically, we’ll provide perspective on the following:

  • How has shopper interest in sponsorships changed over time?
  • How have shoppers’ comfort levels with digital commerce impacted their engagement with promotions?
  • Which types of promotions are universally popular, and which are more pertinent online and in-store?
  • Do generational differences impact when, where and how shoppers engage with promotions and sweepstakes?

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Image Source: Unsplash