New Issue of the Checkout–Health and Wellness

Shoppers today view health and wellness as a holistic concept blending physical, nutritional, and mental components into one overarching outlook. When asked to categorize different items as health or wellness, 11 out of 13 items were considered to be both “health” and “wellness” by the majority of respondents. The marriage of health and wellness in shoppers’ minds reflects the shift away from rigid, traditional rules of what is deemed “healthy” to an all-encompassing view of how various factors work together to contribute to overall well-being.

In this edition of The Checkout:

  • Health and Wellness Management: Tools and Information Sources Go Digital
  • Shifts in Health and Wellness Activities: Expected Growth and Surprising Declines
  • 360° Wellness: Mental Health No Longer Takes a Backseat to Physical
  • The Impact of Age: Shifts in Views and Habits

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Image Source: Unsplash