New Issue of The Checkout – CBD

Prior to the global pandemic, we were witnessing the emergence of a once in a lifetime consumer market—one that continues to develop and has the potential to offer both business growth as well as disruption to established CPG categories at retail.

In order to gain insight into the U.S. CBD market, the CBD shopper, and their CBD shopping experiences, The Integer Group® launched a research survey in 2019, as CBD began to break into mainstream consumer culture. Consumers are jumping into the new category, but lack of clarity still in the legislative landscape is keeping many large CPGs away, while smaller start-ups are beginning to develop healthy brands.

In this edition of The Checkout, you will learn:

  • Which product forms CBD shoppers want to purchase
  • What shoppers are looking for when shopping for CBD products
  • A look at shoppers’ perceptions of the shopping experience
  • Insight into the leading consumer categories and implications as CBD establishes itself as its own category

To read more about how shoppers are engaging with the CBD category and the potential opportunities and threats it presents, download the latest issue The Checkout here.

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Image Source: Unsplash