New Issue of The Checkout–CBD

This issue of The Checkout will be our second iteration looking at the wildly changing landscape of shoppers and CBD. The Farm Bill of 2018 gave consumers and shoppers the opportunity to experiment with a range of different product forms like never before. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic introduced its own unique set of roadblocks seemingly slowing down the category. However, we are now rounding the corner toward, potentially, new legislation that would be a catalyst for this industry to really thrive.

Overall, during the three years the category has existed, there have been these various headwinds and tailwinds guiding the development of the industry. With our latest study and report, we want to take a look at how shoppers’ perceptions of this category have shifted over the last three years and begin to examine what other shifts we should consider for the coming years.

We also provide more perspective on:

  • How shopper interest in CBD products has seemed to stall. 
  • The uses and perceived benefits that are leading people to purchase CBD. 
  • Which product forms CBD shoppers want to purchase most. 
  • What shoppers expect and desire from the CBD shopping experience. 

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Image Source: Pexels