New Issue of The Checkout – Cause Marketing

Cause marketing is no longer a “nice to have”; it is a necessity for modern shoppers. Through cause marketing–an umbrella term describing any efforts by retailers or everyday brands to support philanthropic causes–shoppers are exploring new reasons to engage with your brand, and brands are benefiting. In this issue of The Checkout, we examine cause marketing’s prolific rise since we last collected data on this topic in 2011.

In this edition, you will learn:

  • Shoppers aren’t using the same channels to learn about brand-supported causes as they do when engaging with your cause marketing. 
  • Shoppers are evaluating your cause marketing in markedly different ways than in 2011 when we first ran this study. 
  • Of the top five most compelling causes for modern shoppers, more than half weren’t on shoppers’ radar back in 2011.
  • Shoppers are putting their dollars where their values are, spending nearly twice the average on everyday items connected to causes. 

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Image source: Pexels