New Issue of The Checkout–A 10-Year Review

We started The Checkout in 2009 to bring a longitudinal view of the changing world of shopping based on research that contributes to the understanding of shopper behavior in the industry. Now, a decade later, we have a wealth of data to dive into the past and see what has changed. This issue is a look at current vs. historical data over the last ten years, providing the opportunity to observe interesting attitudes and behaviors that have shifted, or not, in that time. So how has shopping shifted? What lessons can we learn? And what are the implications and trends we see that will impact the next ten years? 

We also provide more perspective on:  

  • Much has changed in the retail landscape, but Americans have continued to become savvier in their shopping, taking advantage of new technology that has further honed their skills in methods of saving and trip efficiency. 
  • We continue to seek more convenient ways to fulfill our shopping needs. We understand that technology has enabled us to remove the chore of shopping, and we’re increasingly prepared to pay to make our lives easier. 
  • As we write this edition, we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, which has accelerated change significantly. Safety and social distancing have become top priorities. Online ordering, home delivery, and curbside pickup have become mainstream at unprecedented speeds. 

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Image Source: Pexels