New Integer Pulse: What’s Heating Up in the Kitchen?

What’s at the heart of most homes? The kitchen. And in 2013, anything goes as long as it makes sense for the homeowner and their style of living. Below are five intriguing kitchen trends from Susan Serra on Countertalk and our thoughts on why they should matter to your business.

Modernizing classic styles:A good example of a classic reinterpretation is the new country kitchen. Forget the ducks with red ribbons. New modern country design elements include natural finishes, such as slate or matte, and engineered stone to bring an authentic look into the space. Those who are still into modern and austere will add antiques in small collections, oversized statement pieces or a touch of an urban/industrial vibe here and there to soften and warm the modern edge. Putting it in perspective: By making ads, displays and products topical to this trend, we can sync with shoppers’ design desires.

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