New Global Study Reveals Post-Pandemic Consumer Behaviours, Expectations and Concerns

As the marketing industry worldwide continues its efforts to both map and navigate the post-pandemic commerce landscape, a new report from OMD and Omnicom Commerce Group (OCG) provides a deep dive into the new retail normal emerging in the wake of the abrupt and extended break in daily retails habits forced by the 2020 lockdown.  

Future of Commerce | The Why Behind the Buy” looks at consumer behaviour and expectations by market, life stage, channel and category to reveal nuances of the retail environment that are emerging in the post-pandemic marketplace, and how marketers can act upon them to drive brand growth.   

The report defines and explores the three most important factors of modern commerce – experience, relevance and ease – defined in ‘The Why Behind The Buy’ as Wow, Right, Now. 

“The research reconfirms the priority to put consumer behaviour and expectations firmly at the forefront of commerce strategy and plan above siloed channels to deliver the seamless end to end experience shoppers clearly expect” says Sophie Daranyi, CEO of Omnicom Commerce Group and one of the co-authors of Future of Commerce | The Why Behind the Buy.   

For a  more detailed analysis and an expanded discussion around the implications and opportunities for marketers, download the full Future of Commerce |The Why Behind the Buy report.