New Digital Signage Brings Dynamic Content To Shelf

In an ever-changing retail marketplace, both the brand and the retailer are striving to enhance the shopper’s experience. Technology is playing a growing role in this, not only due to its dynamic nature but also its inherent efficiency. One such technology is ZBD’s epop solution, an electronic point of purchase technology that could redefine retail signage.

A zero-power LCD display, this small shelf-level option brings messaging via high resolution and excellent readability in any light and conditions. The technology provides shoppers with information on product and pricing and can be updated wirelessly across the enterprise, region or store level. The displays are updated via ZBD’s Bounce communicator, which fully integrates simply with major retail technology platforms. What’s most amazing is that the technology requires power only during updates which helps drive low cost of ownership and has a minimum life expectancy of five years.

With growing competition within retail, multi-channel shopping trends and turbulence in the economy, the technology could spur some changes in the retailscape. For example, if this technology enables retailers to eliminate labor involved in placing and checking paper labels, will its benefits translate to the shopper by way of cost savings? Will it be capable of enhancing shopper experience and loyalty because the available information is more accurate and easily noticed? What will be interesting is if the technology is leveraged for communicating with shopper on a brand level and how it will impact marketing at retail over the next few years.

– Contributed by Priyanka Sah